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Roberto Girolin (1975)


    His work has forever been caught between consciousness extremes: sound and silence (saturated and empty phenomenon), tenderness and cruelty, pontaneous and mechanical gesture, humor and mystery, periodic and aperiodic structure, natural and synthetic processes, chaos and order, life and death.

    All this is accompanied by an experimental study of the musical form within the growing interest in 'dramaturgy' (as a critical concept and as a practical process) and in experiential space which is created as well. His music has often a structural environment that achieves emotional tension as well as the delicacy and fluidity of the sound-texture, synesthetic field of meanings, meditative time flow and spirituality.


Roberto Girolin was born in Pordenone, Italy, and after studying of the classical guitar he began to study the piano and composition at the "J. Tomadini" Conservatory in Udine. He studied the vocal and instrumental counterpoint, graduating in choral music and conducting in the same Conservatory. He has conducted many choirs and orchestras, exploring different kinds of repertories from Gregorian music to contemporary music.

He has deepened the study of contemporary music at the University of Udine with Dr.A.Orcalli and with Dr.N.Venzina at "B.Maderna" Archive in Bologna (Italy). He has attended master classes and workshops in choral conducting and orchestral, chamber music, composition (Salvatore Sciarrino, Fabio Nieder, Mauro Bonifacio), electronic music (Lelio Camilleri, Agostino Di Scipio), a Sound Design course with Trevor Wishart, an Audio Digital Signal Processing for Musical Applications (Lab workshop, lessons and applications) with Giuseppe Di Giugno and Live electronics in Luigi Nono's works  with Alvise Vidolin and André Richard (Experimental Studio Freiburg für Akustische Kunst).

In 2005 he graduated with full marks in Electronic Music and Multimedia at the Musical Academy of Pescara (Italy) and in 2006 he also got his degree at the Conservatory of Venice under the direction of Alvise Vidolin with full marks (cum Laude).


His compositions have been selected in various national and international competitions such as Call 2007” competition, (CEMAT Competition - Rome),  the 34th "Concours Internationaux de Musique et d'Art Sonore Electroacoustiques de Bourges 2007", France, XVII CIM 2008”  in the International Festival of Contemporary Music de La Biennale of Venice 2008) and for the "CALL Borealis Festival for contemporary music, noise and sound art 2010" in Bergen, Norway.

He also received commissions from 53 ° Festival de La Biennale di Venezia 2009 (world premiere of Piega del secondo cielo), Casa Paganini / InfoMus Lab, IRCAM (EU Culture 2007 Project CoMeDiA) by participating as composer and performer at NIME 2008 ( International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression) and ICMC 2008 (Belfast, International Computer Music Conference).
Since 2001 he is founder and artistic director of Elettro_Shock, concert career that deepens and spreads the literature of electronic music alternating international well-known names and young Italian and foreign composers.

He is actively involved in composing, performing and investigating the compositional and performance potential offered by electronic&multimedia music systems.


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